Jai shri Ram

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  • Stencil on the waterline of The Thekla

    Khole ke Hanuman Ji

    Stencil on the waterline of The Thekla

    Ram Darbar

    Stencil on the waterline of The Thekla


    Banksy - Graffiti removal

    Gayatri Ma

    Banksy - Graffiti removal

    Chalisa 1

    Banksy - Graffiti removal

    Chalisa 2

    Banksy - Graffiti removal

    Chalisa 3

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A very old hanuman Mandir. Know Jaipur Development Authority has undertaken the Project for development of Khole Ke Hanumanji amounting to Rs26.99 crore. The foundation laying ceremony of this Project was done by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan on 12 December 2006. Under this project 9.40 Hectare land got diversified from Forest Department. The expenditure incurred was approximately Rs14 crore on the completed works.

The completed tasks are:

  • Ram Dwar
  • Road, Footpath & Sewerage Works
  • Chhatries
  • Goshala
  • Prasad Kendra
  • Varandah
  • Goth & Kitchens
  • Parking
  • Electrification
  • Plantation & Arboriculture works
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Jai shri Ram